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The Cowpoke Cowboy Leftovers Decor Box

The Cowboy Leftover Decor Box will be sure to stand out in any room in your home! All products (except the runner) is handmade with Lariats! This set is all dyed Black with naturally oiled tooled leather patterns! With silver black and gold accents! The table runner from bar.b.design is an awesome silver tone that will be sure to add a pop wherever you decide to display her! The stands can be used to display your hard earned buckles, a candle, bottle of wine or any decor you choose!! Hang a hand towel, dish towel, your wild rags on the lariat rings…or leave as is…she’s a statement on her own!

Here are the specs..
Low Rope Bowl 14x13 inches 2.5 high
Lariat Stand 12 inch wide 10 high
Wall hanger 25 inches long 8 wide
Table runner Mats  14x14

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