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The Gambler Cowboy Leftovers Decor Box

This Set is as Classic Western As the Come! Who doesn't like Turquoise! This gem of a set is All Black Lariats with matching Turquoise Black and Brown tooled leather! I'm sure your bathroom is covered in Ranch Debris like ours, why not class it up with some beautiful decor for you and your company to enjoy while they are washing all the hard work from the day off their hands! Face cloths in the vase, hand towel hanging from the rings, soap dish on the stand...runner on the side table holding the Kleenex we wipe the tears away knowing as ranchers we are doing this for the love of it not the $$! 

Here are you specs!
Lariat Vase 8.5 Inches Tall x 6.5 Wide
Wall Hanger 26.5 inches long by 8 wide
Lariat stand 12 wide by 10 high
Table Runner 39.5 Long by 15 wide

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