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The Aztec Cowboy Leftover Decor Box

The Aztec

The colors on this set are to die for! Rich Brown Lariats with Copper and Black Leather on each piece! This would compliment any room you choose! In your kitchen, use the vase to hold kitchen spoons, display your salt and pepper on the stand, hang your dish rag on the wall hanger, with the table runner showcased on your table...this will tie in the whole space! I had so much fun making this set! All sets come with a wee gift from your's truly 

Here are you Specs
Lariat Vase 10.5 Tall by 6.5 Wide
Display stand 12 inches wide 10 high
Wall Hanger 27.5 Long by 8 inches wide
Runner 27.5 long by 15 inches wide

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